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Remember to register to vote or apply for an Absentee Ballot if you will be out of town. Stop at the Highland City building for more information or visit:  www.highlandcity.org

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November 3rd


Highland City

Property Taxes

As a CPA, I realize we have some serious financial concerns in the city and need to address essential and non-essential amenities. I will involve residents to determine what amenities are important and eliminate those that are not. As the Chairman of the Open Space Committee, small portions of city-owned properties have been identified that can be sold to adjacent home owners. The money raised could be used to reconcile revenue and amenities. If elected to the City Council, I pledge to carefully evaluate every option to help align Highland’s revenue and amenities.  In addition, I will aggressively look for alternative funding sources that do NOT include raising taxes. I want to make our city a great place to live while keeping our property taxes low.

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