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Remember to register to vote or apply for an Absentee Ballot if you will be out of town. Stop at the Highland City building for more information or visit:

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November 3rd



How would I encourage strategic development in Highland?

The current ordinances in Highland make it very difficult for new businesses to get established and are too prescriptive on how to operate existing businesses.  Business owners know how to be successful and should be allowed to locate in Highland and operate with minimal city government intervention.  Also, Highland needs to proactively market the city as a strategic place to locate with a great community that will help them be successful.  In addition, the locations available for commercial development need to be expanded to include prime locations along Timpanogos Blvd (SR-92) and North County Blvd (4800 West).  These locations provide excellent access with minimal impact on the residential community.  Adjacent cities have already opened up similar locations as major commercial hubs so there is already a commercial presence in both locations.  Unfortunately, Highland supports the infrastructure for the developments in Lehi and Cedar Hills without the direct financial benefit.

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