Why I'm Running

Remember to register to vote or apply for an Absentee Ballot if you will be out of town. Stop at the Highland City building for more information or visit:  www.highlandcity.org

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November 3rd

Why I’m running for the City Council:

I am running for a seat on the city council to help strengthen the financial position of the city by using my financial experience as a Certified Public Accountant.  I will represent your voice to make decisions that are fiscally conservative and to limit the impact of city government on you.  I will review and monitor city budgets to ensure proper stewardship of public funds.  As a member of the city council, I will work with residents and city leaders to better understand issues affecting the city and then thoroughly review ideas before casting any votes.  I will also continue to work on solutions to resolve Open Space issues and work to keep Highland a beautiful community in which to live and raise families.

Representing Your Voice on the City Council, I pledge to:

  • Use my extensive experience in financial management to regularly review and monitor City budgets to ensure proper stewardship of public funds, and 
  • Work to reduce the City’s outstanding debt so that all services can be better funded.
  • Work to balance economic development while keeping Highland a safe and beautiful community in which to live and raise families.
  • Work with residents and city leaders to better understand issues affecting the city and then thoroughly review ideas before casting any votes.

My ‘Council’ Focus

Fiscal responsibility, problem solving and community services are three of the issues significantly impacting Highland City residents. As a member of the City Council, I will devote my time, effort, and focus to these issues:


I am dedicated to effectively utilizing available funds while keeping taxes and fees low; I will do this by monitoring expenses, prioritizing spending, and promoting reasonable solutions to current fiscal challenges. The City must live within its means, and I will remain committed to this principle through strategic long-term planning and budgeting.  I will actively search for alternative funding sources to reduce City debt.

Currently, I am a director/treasurer for the Highland City Foundation, which provides private donations and grants to enhance our existing parks, trails, and other worthy projects. I will encourage volunteers to help with projects that will improve and beautify our City without negatively impacting the city budget.

I will work to balance economic development to enhance services and sales tax revenue while keeping Highland a beautiful place to live and raise families.


I voluntarily serve our community as chairman of the Highland City Open-space Committee which has helped resolve important issues and concerns.  As a result of the Committee’s recommendations, the City Council has passed several new ordinances which benefit all residents. I will continue to work on solutions for city-wide issues that will add value for every Highland resident and help make Highland a more beautiful City.


I support our City’s public library. Libraries increase literacy and promote successful families. The Highland City Library has over 75,000 patron visits each year.  It is small today but has great potential.

Many residents have expressed an interest in a city-wide youth recreation program. I believe this would be a very beneficial community offering. Through utilizing volunteers, I will work to provide a program that is financially self-sufficient.

Residents of our City benefit from a well-established cultural arts program. I will work to maintain activities provided by the Arts Council and Timpanogos Symphony by encouraging volunteers and donations so that these programs can also be self-funded.